REFM Nível2: China Sunshine Leadership Camp

Se você já fez a REFM tradicional ou trabalhou como voluntário e quer uma experiência transcultural, a REFM de nível 2 é pra você! Já a REFM2 CHINA requer um nível avançado de inglês. Os candidatos participarão da REFM tradicional como obreiros na primeira semana e logo após seguirão como voluntários no Sunshine Leadership Camp na China para 400 estudantes universitários chineses.

Sunshine Leadership Camp 2015

Dates: July 2020 (specific dates to be determined)
Age: 18+
Goal: 10 Participants from Brazil
Requirements: Must complete application form & be approved
1 – Basic Conversational English
2 – Character Reference
3 – Passport
4 – Serving heart
5 – Pre-travel training & test completion (Week in REFM + 7 hours of videos)

Costs: Estimated R$10.000,00 (BR Reais) – includes REFM fees, camp fees, airline tickets, food & housing & special tourism day. Not included are personal items & any personal expenses, snacks or drinks outside of those provided for meals. Actual costs will depend on actual airline ticket price and exchange rates at time of transactions, but should not exceed R$10.000,00 (BR Reais) overall.

July 1th – Arrive at REFM Fortaleza: Help as a volunteer & receive special training/preparation for Sunshine Camp
July 7th – Depart Fortaleza for China
July 31st – Return to Brazil