Seminar – God’s Heart for the Nations

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14 jul 2020 a 18 jul 2020
19:30 - 22:00


Have you ever thought of God as the Great Architect?

Or the way He has planned eternity for mankind?



N2N América Latina is offering the seminar God’s Heart for the Nations in English as part of the Radical English for Missions program as an opportunity for Brazilians and other Latinos to further develop their English skills and vocabulary, particularly as it pertains to essential Biblical concepts and life skills relevant to the times in which we live and for the fulfillment of the Great Commission in Matthew 28.

In this seminar, we will discover the principles for restoring the Identity, Dignity, & Destiny of individuals, communities, & nations.  Together, we will analyze what God has been building throughout history and how we fit in His plan, looking at the end vision in Revelation and tying back to the creation & beginning in Genesis.

Classes will be done online via Zoom and will include Breakout Room sessions for times of discussion and scripture studies in small groups led by facilitators.

You can sign up to participate in English or Portuguese. To participate in English, you should have at least an intermediate level of English and capable of basic conversation.

The seminar in English will be from July the 14th thru the 18th, and in Portuguese from the 21st thru the 25th.

The classes will be Tuesday thru Friday night at 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm, and on Saturday from 9:30am till 12 noon, all in the Fortaleza time zone.

The cost for participation is R$ 50,00 per person for those who live in Brazil & each participant that completes the whole seminar will receive a free book in Portuguese, Vencendo A Batalha pela Mente dos Homens by Dennis Peacocke.

For non-Brazil residents, cost is $15.00 USD per person and unfortunately we will not be able to provide a free book for non-Brazil residents who complete the seminar.

There are a limited number of participants allowed, so don’t delay in signing up.

Contact: | Tel: (85) 99900-8568 (Rayany) 



Non Brazilian Residents:

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